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If you’re like most real estate agents, you have a listing presentation that you’ve spent a lot of time refining and perfecting to help you win the business. Along with the other services you provide, your listing presentation probably touches on how you plan to market the listing. But what does your current listing presentation have to say about your real estate marketing strategy?

One of the reasons that sellers choose to hire a real estate agent, is because they believe that a real estate agent will be able to market their listing and ultimately, to sell it, in a way that the seller wouldn’t be able to do on their own. So, how is your listing presentation addressing your seller’s expectation that you are a marketing expert? Besides the professional photos and media you’re getting, are you highlighting what you plan to do with the media that you paid good money for?
Real Estate 3D Virtual Tour
As the year has unfolded, 3D Virtual Tours have become a must-have item for listings. What started as an "open house workaround" for coping with COVID-19 restrictions is now a staple for many sellers, for a number of reasons.

3D Virtual Tours are the closest thing you can get to an in-person viewing, and buyers research online before they ever reach out to an agent. This means your 3D Virtual Tour works on two fronts.

First, buyers are able to view more of your listing during their research phase in the most engaging way currently available. It's easy to get interest online with an Augmented Reality social post, and high-tech features like our Virtual Reality (VR) headset mode gets people to stay and engage. Second, the longer engagement time means that if a potential buyer reaches out, then it means they are truly interested in the home. So when you schedule an in-person showing, you can be sure that you are bringing a serious candidate to your sellers.
Sacramento Drone Company

So you want to hire a drone pilot for your video project. How do you make sure that you’re dealing with a professional that will deliver what you’re looking for legally and safely? Continue reading to learn the questions you should be asking your drone pilot, and learn about the must-haves for FAA regulations, insurance, and business contracts.

Advanced technology and digital marketing is giving real estate agents new opportunities to provide more thorough, high-quality home views to increase both offers and sales. With all the options out there, you may ask yourself, “Which services are necessary?”

In this post we will be showcasing why you should offer a floor plan to potential buyers. A "build-as" floor plan can be obtained from the architects or builders of your home, but if those are not available, professional real estate photographers may be able to provide "as-built" floor plans in addition to their many other services.  

Real Estate Photography Sacramento

The money you spend on getting great photos and videos can be wasted if your client hasn’t taken the proper steps to make sure their house looks its best and is photo-ready. Make it easy for your client by providing a home prep checklist that will make a huge different in the quality of your real estate marketing. You know that great feeling of a clean house? It can really come through in photos and videos too, with the proper prep work.