Real Estate Marketing Orange County
If you’re like most real estate agents, you have a listing presentation that you’ve spent a lot of time refining and perfecting to help you win the business. Along with the other services you provide, your listing presentation probably touches on how you plan to market the listing. But what does your current listing presentation have to say about your real estate marketing strategy?

One of the reasons that sellers choose to hire a real estate agent, is because they believe that a real estate agent will be able to market their listing and ultimately, to sell it, in a way that the seller wouldn’t be able to do on their own. So, how is your listing presentation addressing your seller’s expectation that you are a marketing expert? Besides the professional photos and media you’re getting, are you highlighting what you plan to do with the media that you paid good money for?

As your real estate marketing partner, Quantum Works is here to help. We’ve worked with some of our real estate agent clients to develop a listing presentation template that outlines an easy-to-understand marketing methodology, and explains how your Quantum Works media package fits into your real estate marketing plan.

Download our real estate listing presentation template by completing the form below. You'll receive useful information including:
  • PowerPoint Template – Use as much or as little of this template as you like, and feel free to modify it to suit your needs. Go nuts!
  • Listing Template Cheat Sheet – This one-pager lists out some tips on how to present the template effectively, and includes detailed explanations for specific slides.
  • Services Menu – The Quantum Works services and pricing menu is included for a handy reference.